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The New Flickr: What it Means for Flickr Pro Users

The New Flickr: What it Means for Flickr Pro Users | Creative Web Publishing |
Flickr made some big changes to its service; what do they mean for Flickr Pro users?
Laura Brown's insight:

 I've been a Flickr Pro user for years. I started paying so I could have unlimited uploads and storage, or at least enough for what I wanted. I also liked having the tag "Pro" on my name on the site. It was a small thing but something to know I was paying for what I was using and supporting the site. I would notice other "pro" users and tend to think of them as more serious and trust worthy when it came to sharing locations for urbex photos. This is one thing which Flickr is removing now that Pro users are being hustled off. I do feel we are being hustled. All the years I paid for my account, what was that for if they could have offered it all for free as they have done now? I'm not impressed. I have stood by and supported Flickr to friends and others who thought it was ruined by Yahoo or full of absent users. In my opinion, having my money back for a few months out of all the years I have paid is nothing. Pro users stood behind Flickr, supported the site and now we are nobody. Instead of paying for Flickr I could have spent that money on a new camera! I'm pretty disappointed.

Gracie Passette's curator insight, May 23, 2013 1:14 AM

Never paid for the service; even less likely to do so now.

Laura Brown's comment, May 24, 2013 8:04 PM
You don't need to pay for it now. They are not even taking payments for anyone to pay for a new account. But, they will let those who currently have paid accounts to keep paying. Mainly just to not see ads and have stats for the photos posted.
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