Creating new possibilities
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Creating new possibilities
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Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure?

Is Collaboration Limited by Organizational Structure? | Creating new possibilities |

Organizational design has a huge impact on decision-making and collaboration, and both reflects, and often creates, the level of collaboration and autonomy with and amongst the workforce. Culture may eat strategy for lunch but decision-making, reporting and budgeting structures can either birth or strangle both culture and strategy with both hands tied behind its back.

At this stage we have four primary organizational models along a continuum from command and control to cooperative and anarchic. From GM to Valve we might call it, with a Basecamp and a Zappos thrown in to complete the picture. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

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I find the best work on collaboration to be Morten T. Hansen's book, Collaboration: How Leaders Avoid the Traps, Build Common Ground, and Reap Big Results.

Article related to the book: How to build a collaborative advantage from Sloan Review by Morten T. Hansen and Nitin Nohria.

Additional resources:

Resources on holacracy

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When you add freelancers into the ix your wirearchy can be tangled

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A simple framework for Enterprise Collaboration

A simple framework for Enterprise Collaboration | Creating new possibilities |
“The introduction of smarter ways of working together across the extended enterprise enabled by a new breed of innovative concepts and technologies.”


This is the definition of Enterprise Collaboration that I currently use when explaining it to other people, and here are three reasons why I find it useful:

If puts focus on ways of working together, and that we need to find better ways of working that make better use our individual and collective time and capacity. To do this we need to reflect more on why and how we use certains tool (a fool with a tool is still a fool).It not only stresses that new technologies are core enablers, but also new concepts such as crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, social networking, and cloud computing. ‘Across the extended enterprise’ means that the scope is not limited to teams or organizations. A collaborative effort can potentially involve any stakeholder – even customers and consumers – as well as any number of stakeholders."
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Enterprise Learning | Just Coach It: The 3Q Edge

Is one of your people stuck in a box/rut/overdrive or stasis? Are you stuck in a box/rut/overdrive or stasis because YOU want to find a new way, better way to generate results at a speed of change, challenges, hyper-competition and opportunity that is accelerating?

You are not alone!  Statistics tell us that employee engagement and stress caused physical, emotional problems are at an all time high.  Is there an upside?  You betcha.  Resolve to evolve and re-define success. Starting building the Q skills that can take you/your people forward faster, better and happier by helping them optimize strengths while also using changes, challenges, stressors, even failures as a catalyst for their greatest potential.  (Happier?  Yes, neuroscience confirms that we need to prime our brains to be happy to optimize their potential.)
Resolve to Evolve

Do not get sidetracked by the symptoms of disengagement, frustration, stasis we face can take you off the beaten path, fighting symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the problems you need to transform into effective solutions. Fighting the symptoms of what is not working may give you temporary satisfaction, but it will not help you ideate, communicate, collaborate and succeed forward.  The need to build a new mindset and skill set that helps us optimize talent and potential at the speed of change/challenges is real and critical!

Resolve to evolve.  Get the right people on your bus and help them to build essential skills, skills that grow at the speed of change and challenges by using strengths, changes, challenges, stressors and failures to build their 3Q Edge™:

Q1:  IQ Enhanced ideation, focus, strategic thought, ability to learn-relearn
Q2:  EQ Self awareness, awareness of others, self management, relationship management, communication, resiliency, risk tolerance
Q3:  SQ Purpose, values, integrity-the timeless anchors of true leadership, sustainability and the grit to forge ahead when the going gets tough!

Resolve to evolve. Take the automatic fear response out of change,  by focusing on the only thing that is sustainable and timeless…Q3  Reset the internal and organizational GPS focusing  on the purpose, integrity, values that are the only consistent, stable course of comfort and sustainability we have and will have.  Make purpose = profit your mantra, and the mantra of your organization.

Resolve to evolve. Stasis is a recipe for disaster, rigidity of thought, communication and action is a time bomb ready to explode and destroy your potential and the potential of your organization from inside out. Big organizations, SMEs, professional services providers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs all face the critical imperative to re-examine and re-gig how they motivate, empower, optimize, recognize, optimize and realize talent and results.

Redefine Winning

WINNING means developing the business mindset and agility of a gazelle by developing face –face, virtual and digital teams that respond (not react) to changes and challenges in ways that nurture and drive innovative, collaborative solutions.

WINNING means building a Me To WE culture where traditional silos are disbanded and replaced with better ways that drive vertical and horizontal communication, engagement and results by recognizing and enabling communities of purpose/new ways of communicating and collaborating that take you and your people forward!

WINNING means replacing theory with practice and collaborative action because neurons that wire together, fire together and our ability to ideate, innovate, collaborate, communicate faster, better and happier is real and critical.

Most of all…

Winning means having the courage to recognize the pain we share and using to to transform pain into gain by using problems to generate the fire of human potential. Start using problems to drive  innovative solutions that take us forward individually and collectively. The problems that unite us in a new non-linear eco system, a new world and workplace where changes, challenges, stressors, complexity and opportunity will continue to accelerate faster than ever before are as great as our potential to USE them to LEARN-RELEARN, COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE and SUCCEED Forward.

Resolving to evolve  means realizing your ability to ignite, engage and stoke the fire of human potential, because nothing could be more important!  Get the right people on your bus, and work with them to optimize, humanize, monetize in ways that take you forward. REACH Forward and the future will REACH back to YOU!  Is it time to build your Q strengths? Are you ready to use what is to create what can be?  Carpe Diem!

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Love this approach. #L&D #Enterprise #Communication