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6 Key Team & Group Coaching Approaches to Create Connection and Engagement

6 Key Team & Group Coaching Approaches to Create Connection and Engagement | Creating new possibilities |

One of the biggest questions I hear from coaches is “What does group and team coaching look like?” Depending on the type of coaching process you are going to undertake – in person or by phone, there are a number of approaches you may use. But what is key to any group and team coaching process is creating connection and fostering engagement amongst the group. 

Via Ariana Amorim, Mark E. Deschaine, PhD
Undwear Entrepreneur's curator insight, November 12, 2013 5:04 PM

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As we complete our Coaching for Success module, here are some different configurations for coaching .

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En este artículo se habla de 6 Tecla Equipo y Grupo de Coaching Enfoques Crear conexión y Compromiso.  Las 6 claves son Grupo de Discusión y Entre Pares, Entrenamiento Laser, trabajo de Campo, Reflexión individual, Aprender Socios / Amigos y  Un Enfoque Híbrido.



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Coaching Styles | ReadyToManage

Coaching Styles | ReadyToManage | Creating new possibilities |

"The ways and means by which we can assist the coaching process are many and various. Even though some of the approaches can be more effective than others, in this brief article, the aim is to introduce a simple 4-quadrant grid framework that can help considerably in every coaching discussion. Like all useful models or frameworks, the situational coaching style approach is not intended to be a panacea. We all know that coaching can be extremely complex and often involves a wide variety of factors that can make the coaching experience more or less successful. This approach is therefore just “one more tool in the toolbox”.

Via Ariana Amorim
Belva Jennings's curator insight, February 19, 3:53 PM

Your Coaching module gave you the's up to you to use those tools within the context of your own coaching style.

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estilos de coaching

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If you are thinking about a coach or mentor then take a read. As a mentor and coach I tend to be on the left hand side more than the right :-)