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While we are busy trying to find members of the American Legislative Exchange Council and trying to catch ALEC legislation before it gets implemented, ALEC has moved on to their next area of US destruction – their federalism focus. To put it bluntly and in ALEC’s words from their 2011 publication EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators:


Reclaiming State Sovereignty
With the growing threat of overbearing federal authority in a several areas, legislators are looking to new strategies to push back against the Leviathan and reassert Tenth Amendment authority. ALEC’s recent “Restore the Balance” initiative offers a series of model bills and proposed constitutional amendments to emphasize state powers.8 From interstate compacts to the so-called Madison Amendment, available tools have been thoroughly discussed


The topic for this diary was brought to my attention by an excellent diary by Kossack War on Error that I strongly recommend you read – it’s short and to the point and gives you the background for where I am about to go.