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Contton tree

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Rescooped by Laura Zwahlen from Cayo Scoop! Cayo's E-magazine!

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About the Cotton Tree

10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About the Cotton Tree | Cotton |

The Ceiba Tree gets some appreciation.  In Mayan lore, the huge trees roots bore down to Xibalba, and the branches reach up to the heavens.  


"The silky fibers that disperse the seeds are too small for weaving but make great stuffing for bedding and life preservers.  Soaps can be made from the oils in the seeds...  The bark decoction has been used as a diuretic, aphrodisiac, and to treat headache, as well as type II diabetes.  It is also used as an additive to some versions of the hallucinogenic drink Ayahuasca...  The flowers of the tree are an important source of nectar and pollen for honeybees."

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Best of Cayo's curator insight, January 15, 2013 12:31 PM

And the spikes stop it from being knocked over by animals as it's growing.