Microsoft Engineers File System for a New Era | Cotés' Tech |

The upcoming release of Windows Server 8 will feature an entirely new file system, called ReFS, that addresses many of the shortcomings of the aging NTFS (New Technology File System) now used across all current Windows editions, the company announced Tuesday in a blog. Over time, Microsoft expects to use the file system to replace NTFS for the desktop and other versions of Windows as well, noted Microsoft Windows President Steven Sinofsky, in a preface to the blog post. The file system is being designed to work for a wide range of devices "from the smallest footprint machines to the largest data centers," said Microsoft development manager Surendra Verma in the blog post. ReFS will be able to support file names and file paths with as many as 32,000 characters. It can host files as large as 18 quintillion bytes, and host as many as 18 quintillion files.