Corporate Culture and OD
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Corporate Culture and OD
All the best articles available on-line about Organisation Development and Corporate Culture. This enables OD, HR, Change and OE practitioners to be more effective in their attempts to improve the culture of the organisations and businesses they encounter.
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Rescooped by Alexis Assimacopoulos from Change Management!

Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy

Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy | Corporate Culture and OD |

We’re all trying our best to remain standing, but the ground beneath us is shifting at an accelerating rate. The implications for strategy are profound, but few have explored this terrain.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, Abeo Verto
Kenneth Mikkelsen's curator insight, July 29, 2014 6:16 PM

Excerpt from John's blog post: 

Make no mistake about it, if all you do is focus on learning within the four walls of your firm, you’ve already lost. The key to scaling learning is to be able to reach out beyond your enterprise and find ways to connect with world-class participants in a broad array of complementary domains in ways that will help all participants to learn faster.

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Why "Keeping It Simple" Can Be a Complicated Mistake

Why "Keeping It Simple" Can Be a Complicated Mistake | Corporate Culture and OD |

Instead of three tips on how to manage invasive technologies, leaders need opportunities to articulate a broad vision of what they’re trying to achieve, so they can better distinguish which tasks require diligence and which can be let go. Instead of exhortations about the need to “manage up,” they need to understand how the erosion of barriers that defined industrial-era culture is leaving the employees they manage exposed to uncertainty and fear. Instead of quick fixes to address shifting markets, they need support to recognize how intersecting trends are creating whole new categories of unmet needs.

Via Bonnie Hohhof, Yves Mulkers, David Hain
Alina Bortkevič's curator insight, October 14, 2013 2:23 PM

Complex problems cannot always be elegantly solved with oversimplified solutions.