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While Scrum's primary goal is organization and project management, Lean is more about optimizing processes in order to quickly produce quality products. It can.


A Little History

Lean is a set of principles defined by the Japanese automobile manufacturing industry in the 1980s. The Toyota quality engineer, John Krafcik, coined the term, while observing the processes and tools used to eliminate waste in mass automobile production. It wasn’t until 2003 that Mary and Tom Poppendieck introduced Lean as a software development process in their book, Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit.



Whereas Scrum is a set of rules and roles, Lean is a set of principles and concepts with a handful of tools. Both are considered Agile techniques, and they share the same ideology of delivering fast, while reducing defects and errors. I always emphasize Agile’s adaptability, but can’t ignore the fact that Scrum presents itself as a mandatory set of rules. In fact, Scrum’s religious fans would shout blasphemy for not following Scrum’s rules to the letter...

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