Common Core: Yes, Teaching and Learning is Reinventing the Wheel! | CCSS News Curated by Core2Class |
Over the last several months, I have been working with several schools in a Common Core Standards Targeting Project (a process that has been the subject of previous blogs). In each case, the project goals are not only to bring richer understanding of the Common Core literacy standards to teachers and administrators, but also result in a written curriculum, something none of the schools currently have.

And so, in an effort to both provide my clients with options and my own brain with an ever extending breadth of knowledge, I am reviewing state websites, again, looking for means by which I can help “my” teachers and “my” schools overcome the immensity of the task they see before them. Over the next two-weeks, I plan to blog on those websites I have either used in my own work or been guided to from others who are entrenched in the work of Common Core Implementation. Today, I am beginning with the Delaware DOE.