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How to Create Your Own #Wiki with #OneNote

How to Create Your Own #Wiki with #OneNote | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

OneNote is the best alternative for taking notes, but don’t write it off as a one-trick-pony. OneNote’s deep links into the wider Microsoft Office ecosystem make it apowerful piece of software, way beyond making lists or storing notes.

If you’ve ever wondered whether a wiki could help organize your thoughts, a document built in OneNote is a great way to dip your toe in the water. Here’s a brief primer on how a wiki can help supercharge your workflow, and all the information you need to build one in OneNote.

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Wikis | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

3.1 Τι είναι το Wiki

3.2 Δημιουργία και Λειτουργίες των Wiki

3.3 Το wiki στην Εκπαίδευση

3.4 Μελέτες και Αποτελέσματα

3.5 Συμβουλές προς τους καθηγητές


3.6 Κριτική και συμπεράσματα

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Wiki Collaboration Gets Easier with HackPad

Robin Good: If you are tempted to use a collaborative wiki, to let your team, colleagues or fans participate and contribute to a common project, but have been reluctant to use one because of the difficulty of getting on-board people who were not familiar with this technology, your wait is over.


HackPad is a very user-friendly wiki platform which allows you to co-work and co-edit text documents containing images and videos with maximum ease and least effort.


Key features include:


- Authorship colors show you who wrote what.
Easy sharing.


- Invite by name or email, or just share the URL.


- Linking immediacy. Just type '@' and you're creating links or new pages.


- Changes are emailed to everyone. Email reply to update pages quickly.


- Keep track of all your plans using task lists.


- Find pages instantly from your desktop with the taskbar app for OSX.


- Private instance. Safe and secure.


- Choose your own address:   https://yourcompany.hackpad.com.


- Import your existing MediaWiki or Google Sites Wiki.


- Administrative tools. 24/7 support.


Tour of Hackpad: https://www.hackpad.com/1d0D#This-is-a-Tour-Of-Hackpad ;


More info: https://www.hackpad.com/ ;


(Via Sepp Hasslberger)  

Via Robin Good, Petra Pollum
Niels Jakob Pasgaard's comment, April 17, 2012 2:54 AM
Very nice - see also this article on how it can be used - theres a practical guide at the end of the article: http://www.edidaktik.dk/hackpad-i-undervisningen.html?lang=en