Will It Matter If We Speak Different Languages In The Future? | Singularity Hub | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

The notion of ‘foreign’ languages is beginning to disappear, thanks to ongoing developments by the likes of Google and Facebook that help the thousands of languages across the world be less foreign and more accessible. How? By making language translation easier than ever. In light of the technological progress in translation software made over the last decade, we may very well be on the cusp of witnessing the majority of language barriers between people groups disappear.
Not only does that mean everyone will be able to speak their natural tongue, learning another language will be purely out of interest or linguistic study, not a degree requirement for students or mandatory continuing education for international business people.
Leading the way in these innovations is Google, and as the search engine has become popular so has its translation service. Google Translate now has 200 million monthly users accessing the service through web pages, YouTube, and mobile apps. According to Google’s CEO Larry Page, Google Translate now works with 64 languages instantly and for free.

Via Charles Tiayon