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Free Video Chat & Conferencing Tools and How to Use Them

Free Video Chat & Conferencing Tools and How to Use Them | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it
Tips and Resources for Using Free Video Conferencing Tools in Your Classroom Video conferencing and chat tools can be a wonderful instructional resource, as most educators know. You can bring the outside world and guests into your classroom, enable a

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Tips for flipping lessons!

Becky Roehrs's curator insight, June 14, 2:15 PM

Skype, Google Hangouts plus more...

Apollo B. Gabazira's curator insight, June 18, 12:01 AM

Certainly the new paradigm to doing bisiness  - whether in the claassroon or company board room ..... We have to get used to this 

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Skype Shortcuts

Skype Shortcuts | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

As you probably know, Skype is one of the most popular online chat tools out there. Most of us use Skype rather a lot.
This cheat sheet outlines some of the most useful shortcuts and features (like hidden emoticons) available on Skype. These little shortcuts will help you save time, manage conversations better and generally improve your Skype experience. Enjoy!

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How to share a screen in Skype

How to share a screen in Skype | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

Did you know that as well as make video calls, you can also share your screen with Skype? Screen sharing is particularly useful if you need a friend to help with some trouble shooting on your computer or if you're having a business meeting. Screen sharing works fairly well on Skype although it does use more bandwidth. If you experience screen freezes or the screen sharing responds slowly, try deactivating video calling if you're in a video call.

To share a screen on Skype, just follow these steps:

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