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Student Work – Portfolios of Learning

Student Work – Portfolios of Learning | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

Dr Alec Couros (University of Regina) shares some of the best examples of student work from the ECMP 355 (Technology in Education) undergraduate course he teaches. Each example reflects the student's final course PROJECT, the goals of which varied from either "Build a Learning Resource" or "Learn something new using the Internet" type.


A range of different types of PORTFOLIOS of LEARNING are shared in this post and are well worth exploring as they beautifully illustrate the creative and personal ways in which the students demonstrated their learning of the course.


These include "Summaries of Learning" in a variety of formats:

*Series of blog posts 


*Videos and vlogs



* Wikis


The design of this learning activity allowed for personalisation in format choice and made provision for the students to progessively document their learning over the duration of the course, as far as I can ascertain. I would be interested to understand what his exact brief was to the students and what rubric(s) he used to assess these projects, if at all. 


PS I had a conversation  with @courosa yesterday on Twitter to explore his approach to assessing his students' "Portfolios of Learning". His response was interesting:

"Assessment was customised to each student based on some general indicators (e.g., quality of artifact) with bulk focused on growth. I tend not to use rubrics and try to keep assessment consultative & personlised. Takes more time, but I think it's more accurate."

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Teachers Guide on The Use of ePortfolios in Education

Teachers Guide on The Use of ePortfolios in Education | TEFL & Ed Tech | Scoop.it

Have you ever thought of teaching your students how to create an ePortfolio ? Well if you have not then it is about time to take the idea seriously. There are actually several reasons why you should encourage students to create their own ePortfolios but before we delve into them let me just briefly define what an ePortfolio is.


ePortfolio is an electronic journal where one collects evidence of their learning. It is the equivalent of the traditional pen and paper journals where we used to track our learning journey before technology takes over. ePortfolios can either be discipline specific or genrally open to the entire lifelong learning experience. We in education are interested in the first type.


The good thing about ePortfolios is that they help students reflect about their own learning.This reflection is a necessary mental process for developing critical thinking. Students no longer are just passive learners but rather actively participate in the improvement of their learning.


Read more, very interesting:



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