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For most people who know me, they will know, or soon will know how much I love the Fuji X-Pro1. This Newton inspired shoot with Sarah Beaufoy & Coco de Mer ( was shot using the X-pro and just the light in the room. We had a spare day and thought we should have a little shoot using the house. As all photographers grow we change our style and change the inspirations behind the work, at the moment I do seem drawn to the powerful iconic photos of the Newtons and Baileys. One of the things about Newtons work I love is the way he keeps away from normal angles and lighting. Something we was keen to try with this shoot. The Black and white conversion was done in camera using the Fuji Film Simulation modes. Some extra dodge and burning was added in Photoshop after. I used the technique of making a new 50% Gray layer and converting this into soft light then painting on the layer with large soft brushes. Trying to preserve the noise from the camera was an important detail. Shooting at High ISO on the Fuji is great as you can use it to creative effect in a nice way, especially with B&W. These were shot using the Red Filter.

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