It Comes Undone-Think About It
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Scooped by Eli Levine!


The American public and, indeed, the American citizen is the ultimate cause of all problems within the American social system.  It is because of citizen demand for sub-optimal policy choices, sold to them by shills and shysters, that we get sub-optimal policy choices in our society which then tarnishes our entire nation and our viability as a country.  It is through their democratic voice, or lack of giving a voice, that we get the dysfunctional policy choices that we get, which then sets our nation, our society, and our world backwards and degrades the overall quality of life and well-being for the general public.  Unless a new leadership emerges to counter the incorrect and sub-optimal policy recommendations of our current leadership gives and to rise above the idiotic, the delusional, the misinformed, and the ignorant elements within our society, we are never going to be able to achieve the optimal quality of life we could potentially achieve with what we've presently got.

A democratic society is good for holding leaders to account.  However, the quality of that role depends largely upon the quality of the citizens' abilities to make choices for themselves on the collective and individual level.  If the ability of the public is compromised by leadership elements or by their own human fallibility, the system breaks down, and those moments of light which democracy brings forth may not be worth the long term costs of having a generally erratic and temperamental, incoherent, and not necessarily inclusive method of reaching decisions.  Like any relationship, it takes intelligent and sensed decision making by both partners in order to achieve optimal results.  Failure to do so will result in collapse, catastrophe, or else otherwise mediocre performance by the society.

Quite honestly, if a government and its members are able to know their own interests accurately, and are otherwise able to achieve them effectively, a hybrid of democracy and dictatorship becomes the preferable option in the long term, due to the stability of a well-functioning leadership who manipulates the society to positive ends and is affirmed by the society for doing a genuinely positive job at governing.  Knowing what the people need and want is a significant piece of the governing puzzle.  However, a too much chaos in the system leaves it destabilized in the long term. Too many voices with irrelevant or harmful ideas and methods of going about things will bring down the entire system, or else, make it significantly more difficult to achieve the fundamentals of survival, let alone, the ability to thrive as a society of individuals.

This is the ultimate conundrum of society.  While I agree that voting and access to the governing should be cheap and easy, I also think that not everything or everyone should be listened to.  Opinions are not, after all, equal in common reality.  A person may believe in the geocentric universe quite honestly.  However, all evidence points to it being quite an incorrect view of how the universe is and how it works.  The same principles apply in the world of policy, even if we're less clear about what actually is happening and how things actually are and are working.  A person may believe in a policy or in a method of organizing and managing a government and a society.  However, even though it may be possible to implement those ideas, it doesn't mean that it's an actually beneficial, healthy, or sustainable thing or set of things to do.  You can eat doughnuts everyday, all day for months and years.  However, just because you can, doesn't mean that you should and, quite honestly, it will lead to your death much sooner than it otherwise may have been, thanks to all of the health problems that it creates.  A society can operate on fossil fuels for energy or with the wealth being concentrated in the hands of a few with the democratic processes otherwise shut down to anything opposing the immediate desires of the elite.  However, that doesn't mean that a society should operate and function in such a condition and, having things be as such, the lifetime of the society will be shortened due to environmental and social pressures (assuming that no additional external catastrophes happen along the way).  This is going to be a moment of absolution for our society throughout these coming years and decades.  I don't know how we're going to do with the present set of socially illiterate people at the helms of our societies and the bumbling, incompetent nature of the general public to compound the problems that we're facing.


That's all I've got to say for now.  A shame I don't have better news to give.  I wish I could do something about it.  However, I need the permission of the society and its leadership in order to do that.


Shame, things were starting to look so cool.

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Revealing the Patterns of Civilization

Revealing the Patterns of Civilization | It Comes Undone-Think About It |

History is filled with patterns that can be studied mathematically.  The rise and fall of empires can be analyzed as a dynamic system to understand how groups of people can come together and achieve complex goals.

Via jean lievens
Eli Levine's insight:

I really really want to read this book.


However, judging from the review and what I'm aware of in our social world, I think we're honestly headed towards a separation of our own country and the possible devolution into civil war as conservative culture clashes with everyone elses' desires.


Unless something changes in the make up of our social world; unless the conservatives die off or get into treatment, I don't see a way for us to maintain a united society in the long term (which can be altered, depending upon what happens in the short term).  We're splitting as a society and I think that the majority of the society is going to, at least in the short term, go over to the conservatives.  However, I think that over time under the conservative's auspices, their society is going to breakdown and collapse while the bulwark of our common society will either come over to the progressive's side (if the progressives handle their political and technical affairs well).  I see the conservatives lashing out as their society collapses, thus hastening their defeat in the eyes of the general public through the illegitimate imposition of an increasingly radical and idealistic vision of how they think society ought to be (even though it's not the way society is or how humans, Americans or otherwise, work or want their world to be).  I can only hope, that the radicals of the left, the so called "progressive" extremists will either be gotten into treatment for their own delusions and psychiatric problems vis a vis governing effectively for their own sakes, such that a more practical, sustainable, and better functioning world can be brought into existence without their nonsensical bs getting the way of it happening.


I'm not liking the way things are shaping up.


However, unless something changes in the way we think about the conservatives, ourselves, and the state of our world, I see us falling into the trap of civil war, revolution and overthrow of the Capitalist State of America.


It was an unsustainable and unrealistic dream to begin with.  It's definition of success was and is too narrow and unrelated to what we need for survival, well being, health, and quality of life, and its methods for achieving these unsustainable and unrealistic goals were going to have to be too contrived and/or forced in order to make a significant difference in the content or make up of our social function and our social practice.  The United States, I think, is ultimately a progressive society who wishes all individuals can find their state of genuine happiness without infringing upon others' state of happiness.  We may have forced other societies to be as we are artificially, and that is more in accordance with our conservative side, even when it was the progressives who carried it out.  The intention in some of the cases, I think, was honestly good.  The methodology for carrying it out was and is ineffectual at realizing its objectives, and the end goal of any empire to make everyone be like or subjugated to the metropole is as unrealistic and unworkable as well.


Capitalism has failed.  The conservatives won't realize it until it's too late and we'll all be more likely to be dead because of the delay.  I really do not want the power to make everything be right with the world, nor can I expect to actually be able to make everything be right with the world.  However, I would LOVE to have the ear of the many people who can make a difference in the world, such that we're all able to live at peace with each other rather than in competition or in a state of subjugated and subjugator relations.  Most societies don't work on the principle of having an elite for very long, unless the elite humble themselves to the needs and problems of the entire rest of the social, political, and environmental worlds.  The top must bend down to help the bottom if it is going to expect the bottom to naturally want to rise up to help the top.  Hierarchy isn't necessarily a bad thing provided that the state of nature that it is occurring in is in the constant perspective of the people who live in that social system, nor is it something that's easily going to be avoided.


Therefore, a kind, responsive, attentive, and positive approach to leadership is necessary in order to get a society to bloom.  It requires the wisdom to know when and how to intervene and when and how to not intervene.  We don't have time to pussy-foot or listen to the non-rational and unreasoned excuses and problems from the conservative right or the ideological left.  It is time that we reunify as a society under our inherently liberal roots, or else, divide, and let us reunite under the terms of civil war and conflict with the non-rational and those who are merely scared of their little world vanishing in light of common reality (which it's going to do anyway).


This is it.


What's it going to be, America?






Think about it!

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