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Rescooped by Eli Levine from The Great Transition!

Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth

Write-down of two-thirds of US shale oil explodes fracking myth | It Comes Undone-Think About It |
Industry's over-inflated reserve estimates are unravelling, and with it the 'American dream' of oil independence

Via Willy De Backer
Eli Levine's insight:

The big problem with using a finite energy source: you're eventually going to run out of it.


Nature is telling us that it is way past due for us to be getting off of the fossil fuels through the effects we are experiencing from climate change.  The universe itself seems to be telling us that it is time to get off fossil fuels through this development.  Conservatives can't realize and accept that there does come a point when you HAVE to make ACTUAL changes to your regimen in order to survive.  Corporatist Libertarians don't seem to be able to accept or realize that you NEED government to take a proactive role in bringing this about; that the market will not make the changes fast enough or thorough enough to bring about the changes that we need in order to make a significant enough difference in order to survive.


Both of these sides are driven by ideology primarily, not by science or fact.  Most of the Liberals and self-described "Progressives" also live only on the plane of ideology and not in the empirical reality that is around them.  This is how they have been so ineffectual at getting anything done to counter the Right and the Corporatist Libertarians when they have the basic outlines of the solutions that people both want and need in order to be well and survive in reality.


This is how the species is going to be made to go through a resetting phase, where hopefully, those with the poor brain types will be driven out or killed off by nature in the process of trying to survive and failing to do so.  Quite honestly I don't want to go through this phase myself.  That is why and how I am so vocal with my opposition to both the stupidity and senselessness of all sides in the political arena save for true Progressives and people who put facts and science ahead of personal belief, ideology or identity.


Think about it.


Because will you likely be among the survivors who are left to pick up the pieces and all of the nonsense that comes with that?  Or will your clueless, ignorant and nonsensing brain lead you and yours into a natural death?


Think carefully, because you don't have a choice in the matter.  That is just an illusion and nothing more.


Think about it.

Willy De Backer's curator insight, May 24, 2014 8:32 AM

Is the American shale bubble going to bust? Nafeez Ahmed provides the facts. But do facts matter for policymakers?

"Despite the mounting evidence that the shale gas boom is heading for a bust, both economically and environmentally, both governments and industry are together pouring their eggs into a rather flimsy basket." Or: the power of lobbying...

Michael Stuart's curator insight, May 31, 2014 11:10 PM

Perhaps some plays, but each is different, Eagle Ford Shale Play in Texas continues to exceed expectations.

Rescooped by Eli Levine from The Great Transition!

How Money Changes Climate Debate

How Money Changes Climate Debate | It Comes Undone-Think About It |
Why have conservative groups been so successful in casting doubt on global warming?

Via Willy De Backer
Eli Levine's insight:



What good is money if you're not going to be alive to spend it?


Why not pay for the new technology, upgrade our infrastructure and be done with fossil fuels for good?

No more national security issues over energy.  No more conflicts that we shouldn't otherwise be involved in.  No more major pollution for the sake of monetary gain that we shouldn't be caring about or wanting.


The biggest concern for me would be getting jobs for all the workers who'd be laid off.  They'd need to be transferred, somehow, into the new economy and be taken care of.


Apart from that, the fossil fuel owners could just find new companies to run, for all I care.  They've got the money to survive, after all.


Time to innovate and adapt. 


Or die.


Think about it.

Willy De Backer's curator insight, March 6, 2014 2:25 PM

You have an organisation and want to get rich? Become a climate denier!

Stephane Bilodeau's curator insight, March 7, 2014 7:01 AM

A recent study published in the journal Climatic Change finds that much of the millions of dollars that funds these groups comes from secret sources, and a good portion of the rest is from publicity-shy conservative foundations and wealthy donors.

Rescooped by Eli Levine from Peer2Politics!

▶ The Energy Internet Explained, with Jeremy Rifkin - YouTube

Economic theorist and author Jeremy Rifkin explains his concept of The Internet of Things. Rifkin's latest book is The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism (

Via jean lievens
Eli Levine's insight:

This too will pass, someday maybe.


Maybe it will linger with us until we go extinct as a species and no longer are able to live in the world.


If this continues on, it will mean the end of the fossil fuel giants, their unholy hold on our systems of governance and the pollution that they cause to our social and ecological environment.


This is why/how states such as Oklahoma, who are now completely under the sway of these companies explicitly through the Republican Party (rather than implicitly under the current Democratic Party) are raising taxes on the implementation of small scale electricity production.  The conservative mindset seeks only to control and command from the top down, while the true progressive mindset wants the world to do well, however that may be in each given society and social/environmental condition.  They seek conformity and adherence to their written rules while progressives seek natural law and adherence to the laws of cause and effect.


Unfortunately, we will not be rid of the conservatives, just because they're falling out of political favor within the context of their own societies and their own political factions.  These actual demons who live amongst us will not be gone until we cease to reproduce their brain types and start treating it as a mental illness than as a genuinely healthy condition.  It is time that we start defining mental illness as that which actually causes harm to the society and to the individual through harming the society and the environment rather than as that which can irritate some people in places of social authority.


It is time that we all take our country, our society and our world back from those who would harm it for a little or a lot of small self "gain", the truly mentally ill people of the world.


Think about it.

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