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Contests and Games Revolution
Contests and Games Online and Mobile Revolution.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

GAMIFY YOUR Content Marketing - A New @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail

GAMIFY YOUR Content Marketing - A New @HaikuDeck by @Scenttrail | Contests and Games Revolution |

Successful content marketing engages over time. Engagement needs online community and a role shift from content creators to community curators and GAME creators.

How can you Gamify YOUR Content Marketing?
* Ask questions.
* Curate response.
*  Create "winnable" competitions.
* Feature, Feature, Feature.

* Curator & Creator = YOUR ROLES.

Learn to think like a video game creator. Content marketing too is a collaborative world WE (you + customers) create.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Live the Beats, Love the Games for Nanjing 2014 Mobile Phone Sponsor Samsung

Live the Beats, Love the Games for Nanjing 2014 Mobile Phone Sponsor Samsung | Contests and Games Revolution |

New Samsung Music, Sports & Mobile Phone Campaign

The campaign will allow fans to enjoy musical performances with popular artists starting in July. There will be a five city tour through China, which will use the Galaxy S5 to capture and share their experiences.

Samsung is also providing mobile devices to the Young Ambassadors and Young Reporters Program in order to allow them to communicate with the athletes competing.

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5 Keys To Win With Gamification via @Gigya [whitepaper

Great white paper by Gigya shares these tips to create winning gamification:

Five Keys to Winning With Gamification:

• Set the Stage with Social Login
• Encourage More User Generated Content
• Implement Savvy Sharing
• Encourage Participation by Keeping Score
• Nurture Consumer Relationships with Rewards
My favorite tips is Savvy Sharing. Get tips on how to gamify your site and Internet marketing.
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Teens Create Video Trailers for Books - Modesto Bee

Teens Create Video Trailers for Books - Modesto Bee | Contests and Games Revolution |

Library contest has teens create video trailers for books.
Spring is a great time for creativity and imagination. The Stanislaus County Library is holding a video contest for all teens, ages 13 to 18.

Marty Note
STEALTHIS idea from the librarians! If you are a brand marketer ask customers to create trailers for your brand. Trailers are so ubiquitous and such a defined paradigm sparking customers imagination wouldn't be hard. The creative content and social shares such a contest would generate would bring real benefit to any website / brand.

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Top 10 Contests & Games Revolution Scoops All Time

Top 10 Contests & Games Revolution Scoops All Time | Contests and Games Revolution |

Top 10 Contests & Games Revolution Scoops Graphic + Post - Complete Gamification Framework | via @yukaichou Book Review, Graphic - 3 MOST Important Words In Internet Marketing? Games, Gamification and Gamify Blog Post - Six Cool eCommerce Gamification Examples White Paper - Gamification: Winning Hearts, Minds and Loyalty Online Infographic - Enterprise Gamification Scoopit Post  - Big Data and Gamification's Big Bang Blog Post - Google Making Mobile Games More Social Video Game Review - Hemp Tycoon Is Brilliant, Instructive, Addictive Fun Blog Post - Tale of the Tape: Kickstarter vs. Indigogo crowdfunding websites

Learn more about the Scoopit Top 10 Conversion Study:

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SEO The Game Can Be Full Of DANGER: The Long Tail Keywords In URLs SEO Gambit

SEO The Game Can Be Full Of DANGER: The Long Tail Keywords In URLs SEO Gambit | Contests and Games Revolution |
Niche Blogger III - Third Series of the Hugely Popular Niche Blogger Wordpress PLR Blog Series
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO Strategy Keywords In URLs
All things being equal I want URLs that have keywords. Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are keywords NOW, but weren't then. I stipulate that there are exceptions, but keyword URLs are less marketing WORK.

Granted keyword URLs tend to be less exciting, but, again all things being equal and never having as much "create brand awareness" money as you would want or is needed web addresses (URLs) with keywords will out perform ones without.

There is a grey hat movement to create websites with long tail URLs. Imagine if you had 100 websites all with your business vertical's keywords in their URLs. You could roll up a lot of search traffic right?

Not so fast...
This pretty spammy link is pitching the long tail URL strategy. They set up a series of microsites for you and you step in for the win. Here are secrets you need to understand before buying anything:

* Random IP blocks are a must.

* Random curation will be a must.

* Random creation will be a must.


When Navneet Panda, Google's brilliant engineer, tweaked Google's machine learning algorithm they all but eliminated the long tail URL play. Who can accomplish all three of those random needs at the same time? A: No One you or I are likely to know (these guys tend to live in basements with lots of harware around them and they may not talk to actual people for days or weeks).

Even when you THINK you are being random you are NOT. If you are doing any of those three things even partially by human hand Google will see the pattern and blow up your long tail URL play.

The Math Always Wins
Here's the thing, the Math always wins (in the end), so don't stock up on a bushel of URLs. Create great, disruptive content and play within your skill set. This kind of URL and keyword arbitrage is dead for all but the most advanced black hatters. Are you black hat enough?

Answer to that question should always be NO since the over (what is to be gained) is so out of proportion to the under (what can be lost). Don't play Russian roulette with your brand, products and company, and remember...



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Why CONTESTS Are KING: Crowdsource Content & Build Community & Work Great on Social via @HomesDotCom

Erica Campbell Byrum -, Social Fresh EAST 2014
Erica Byrum takes a bit to get rolling, you can begin watching at 1:41, but what she is saying about crowdsourcing content via contests is valuable so hang with it.

The real diamond is how contests unearth your 1% Contributors and 9% supporters. was smart enough to immediately give thier 1% a mission and I love and plan to steal the "Blogger Ambassador Program" great name add a Social Media Ambassador and you have two sticks you can rub together to create fire.

Stay with this video to hear about the power of serendipitous content their content unearthed, content was smart enough to double down on. The Contest was a flop, they thought until they stumbled over the single piece of content that "continues to give back to us this day fast forwarding 3 years later". doesn't do what I would suggest - create a page with a clear Call To Action (an ask) to join the Blogger Ambassador program. Instead they surface their 1% Contributors via contests:

I like the dedicated page that explains benefits, shares why you created the program and how your Blogger Ambassadors program. Inside of some things I don't agree with (cash is always a powerful incentive) are great tips I do agree with (surprise works, double down on what works, give 1% Contributors a job, use no more than 2 social nets at once). So more GOOD advice than BAD here.

"Contests create gifts that keep on giving" says Eric Campbell Byrum from

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If Mobile Games Get Any HOTTER They Melt The World

If Mobile Games Get Any HOTTER They Melt The World | Contests and Games Revolution |

Mobile Games Are HOT and Getting Hotter
China's 11.24 billion yuan ($1.86 billion) online game industry is scrambling to devise games that appeal to a generation of players who spend more time on mobile devices than consoles or computers.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, mobile games are HOT. There is something about destroying what remains of our "free" time that is too good for smart phone enabled gamers to pass up.

Maybe instead of SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) we should be thinking of MoSoGa (Mobile Social Games). If you are an IMer you would do well to THINK of ways to transform your CONTENT into a MoSoGa :).

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CrowdFunde Partner Contest Extended to 10 Beta Partners

CrowdFunde Partner Contest Extended to 10 Beta Partners | Contests and Games Revolution |

We reached our goal of 5 Beta CrowdFunde partners:

Moon Audio

These are great partners for CrowdFunde. We would like to find 5 more partners in these categories:

* Lawyers (especially ones who work with startups).
* B2C ecommerce websites.
* Doctors and Dentists.
* B2B agencies or other relationship sellers.
* Sports sites.
* Travel sites.

* Gift or other product sites.

Learn more about the CrowdFunde Partner Search:

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Five Foundational Design Pillars Of Game Development (and Internet marketing)

Five Foundational Design Pillars Of Game Development (and Internet marketing) | Contests and Games Revolution |

Love this post and the 5 pillars have much to teach ecommerce and B2B Internet marketers:

1) Everything is story
First up, we want the player to constantly feel as if they are inside a flowing narrative. It is so common that a game is distinctly split into story and puzzle/action moments. We want to blur the boundaries here and make it impossible to distinguish between the two. Whatever the player does it should feel as if it is part of the story. We do not want to have sections that simply feel like blockers to the next narrative moment. From start to finish the player should be drenched in a living, breathing world of storytelling.

2) Take the world seriously
This leads us to the next point: that every detail in an environment is connected to the story somehow. Nothing should be written off as simply a requirement for gameplay or exposition. For instance, if you find an audio log you will be able to learn more about the story by pondering its placement alone. There should be no need to "double-think"; the game's world should be possible to evaluate on its own terms.

3) The player is in charge
When you invest this much in a setting, it's important to make sure that players feel connected to it. In order to this we need to put a bigger responsibility on the player. An environment quickly loses its sense of realism if it is extremely streamlined and does not allow you to make choices. The player must be the one that drives the narrative forward.

4) Trust the player
This brings us to the next point: that we trust players to act according to the story. We do not force players to notice events by use of cutscenes and similar, but assume they will properly explore the environment and act in a rational fashion. We simply set up situations and then let the player have full control over their actions.

5) Thematics emerge through play
Now for our last foundational design rule: that the game's thematics will emerge through play. SOMA is meant to explore deep subjects such as consciousness and the nature of existence. We could have done this with cutscenes and long conversations, but we chose not to. We want players to become immersed in these thematics, and the discussions to emerge from within themselves.

WOW, if I could get an ecommerce or content marketing website to live by those rules it would never have to worry about more converting traffic. Too good!

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Common Contest & Games SEO Mistakes

5 Common Contest & Games SEO Mistakes | Contests and Games Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Contests and Games & SEO
You might think it would be hard to mess up SEO when creating a contest or a game. Contests and games create so much engagement it’s all good right? Not so much as it turns out. Here are some mistakes to avoid when creating your contests and games.

5 Common Contest and Games SEO Mistakes
1. Not embedding Poll and Survey Widgets.

2. Poor Keyword Density on Key Pages.

3. Lack of Easy Social Shares.

4. Confusing Rewards or Play Instructions.

5. Mutual Exclusive and Restrictive Game Play.

The payoff for your online properties is the VOTING that most contest and games include (voting or active play are roughly the same highly engaged concept). If you use an external vendor to handle your poll or survey like Survey Monkey you give THEM the juice. Be sure to embed the poll inside your web stack.

Contests and games take off FAST so make sure you have your title and keywords aligned with what you want to rank for AND make sure what you want to rank for matters the most.

Here again we often see great content but difficult to share. Don't do that since we play for the legitimacy created by the share these days. Make sure it is EASY to share your contest or game and that you are sharing the RIGHT thing (the contest not the page). Be sure to get your via YOU credit in there too.

Confusing reward systems or play is EASY to do. Use Occam’s razor and knock your game and reward systems down to 3 easy steps or 3 levels of reward. More than 3 and you are kidding yourself. Eventually, once you have scale, you can friction back in to weed out pain the backside players that just want the fast buck. At first and all the way until you have scale make it falling off a log easy to join, play and get rewarded.

Game play and reward systems can "EAT" themselves. If your left hand is smacking your players right hand as they attempt to do what you ask them to do play will grind to a halt and viral shares will dry up. If you see a burst of players STARTING a game but not finishing find where the drop-off is and make it easier.


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