Gamification: 6 Cool Strategies To Get Your Customers "In The Game" [3 from @ScentTrail) | Contests and Games Revolution |

Marty Note
Great post about how to increase involvement in your games with 3 simple ideas:

* Storytelling. 
* Growth Hacking.

* The Lonely Dancer Effect. 

Great section on Growth Hacking. I would add a 3 more ideas:

* Sticky Mnemonic. 
* Thermometers. 
* Leaderboards & Competition.


Sticky Mnemonics
Marketers are TEACHERS. We form information in understandable ways and we "Teach The Teachers" since our biggest goal these social media days is winning hearts and minds and creating a growing tribe of brand advocates.  

One of the most helpful tools to recruit and scale a new idea is the "sticky mnemonic". are masters of the "sticky mnemonic". "Fight poverty like a New Yorker", is a great example of an analogy that creates deep meaning and so is sticky and easy to transfer. 

When the Heath brothers put a piece of simulated duct tape on their book Made To Stick they were using a "sticky mnemonic" to help sell books. No matter what you do, sell, or preach having a sticky mnemonic helps. 

Scaling happens faster when visitors can SEE it. Ever notice how there is a regularly updated big red thermometer outside the Red Cross or United Way that shows their GOAL and PROGRESS. 

Charities know progress creates momentum when SHARED. Create a simple widget that shows progress. NEVER start with zero, but don't be afraid to share a thermometer with low numbers. Each stage of your counter's life has value for different kinds of supporters. 

Some "early adopter" supporters want to be in early so seeing a thermometer with low numbers is thrilling to them. Other supporters and community members will only want to join when it feels safe to do so. Seeing the thermometer hit its middle areas where acceptance is secure and general will motivate this “middle” group. 

Finally the laggards will join when there is an apparent cost to not joining, so seeing the thermometer nearing its goal laggards will get on board so they can say they did (and some will claim early adopter status lol). 

Leaderboards & Competition's My Community board is brilliant gamification. When I look at "My Community" I see a chart of my views compared to Scoopiteers immediately above and below me. There are Scoopers who are WAY above me and they started by showing the very top. 

Problem is Robin Good's million views just makes my 110,000 views look hopelessly behind. Robin's success SHOULDN'T mean anything to mine, but human psychology doesn't work that way. We seen Robin's success and COMPARE. 

If that comparison feels like the TOP is out of reach we stop playing the game. The only way to keep game play consistent is to build rewards in all along the journey NO MATTER WHERE a new player is in that journey.'s decision to revise the chart showing curators in the same "views" segment but hiding the top was a GENIUS move. Not only did they keep hope alive, but also their My Community chart has other valuable uses such as seeing who is trending and knowing if my content is slow or everyone is having a slow day. Brilliant gamification from a flexible leaderboard.