Braid Video Game Rocks TIME In A Very COOL Way, Could ECOM? | Contests and Games Revolution |

If you don't know Braid check out this great movie on Netflix: (link is to Amazon since it is impossible to link in Netflix) Great documentary about the fierce creativity of independent video game creators. 

Braid played with TIME providing a rewind tool. Very cool idea and one I can't help but wonder if it could help ecommerce. It is easy to get lost in ecom these days. What if we could rewind by levels.

So a short rewind might be equal to a single back link, where a moderate might be back three clicks. As long as we are in there manipulating time could we create a "rewind with benefits" feature where our algorithms rewind a customer to where they seem to want to really be going or to find what they seem to be trying to find.

Cool idea and cool game.