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Suggested by Agnipravo Sengupta!

Why Video Games Rock Web Marketing: Top 5 Third-Person Shooter Games Of All Time

Why Video Games Rock Web Marketing: Top 5 Third-Person Shooter Games Of All Time | Contests and Games Revolution |

WackyKid Comment
As it has been well over a decade I’ve been into “games and stuff”, I was fortunate enough to witness their mind-boggling development starting from the early 2000s to this present day. Therefore, I feel that the time has come when I bring to you MY personal list of top 5 third-person shooter games – judged mainly under the grounds of plot strength, ease of gameplay, and quality of the graphic content.

Marty Comment
The more web marketing I create the more it feels like B2C sites are first person shooter games while B2B are third person shooter games. I wrote  about shopper as "actant" not long ago in Why Time Is Money Online ( ).

I just wrote a Curagami post about difference in B2B / B2C storytelling ( ). Will put some more flesh on the bones of this video game 1st Person Shooter vs. 3rd Person Shooter analogy for web marketing soon.

Agnipravo Sengupta's comment, November 1, 2014 12:04 AM
Wow Marty... this's one great insight! Never thought of the co-relation in that way...
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Coolest Google Plus Header Contest: Enter By 7.4

Coolest Google Plus Header Contest: Enter By 7.4 | Contests and Games Revolution |

Creating cool Google Plus Headers takes WORK and SKILL. If you've found or created a cool one share it with the world:  (FORM to ENTER)

We will curate a handful of "semi-finalist" and begin voting on 7.5.

Wisdom of Crowds will find 3 top vote getters.

These Finalists will go before the man (our 3 judge panel).

Prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will come from the Story of Cancer Store

Who has the coolest G+ Header? You maybe?

Rock On and ENTER the G+ Header Contest.

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Content Creation, Curation, Management!

Designing For Gamification

Within this presentation I analyze how the process of Design Thinking might be a good fit for applying gamification on products or services.

Via Fred Zimny, massimo facchinetti
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Beautiful Games: Howler Magazine's Distinctive Imagery

Beautiful Games: Howler Magazine's Distinctive Imagery | Contests and Games Revolution |
Two editions in and Howler has earned itself a reputation as being the most visually distinctive soccer publication in North America (Beautiful Games: the imagery of Howler magazine
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Beauty Is Cost of Content Marketing Poker

If your images don't ARREST anyone reads your stuff or plays your game. The new Howler magazine is showing the power of digital imagery. Arresting graphics get what every content marketer wants - engagement.

Make sure the writing is as good as the arresting visuals include a Call To Action (subscribe, comment, review, share, Like) and your content marketing will be good to go.

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