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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Cloud Gaming Benefits, Games as a Service (GaaS) & Future of...Everything | via @CloudTweaks

Cloud Gaming Benefits, Games as a Service (GaaS) & Future of...Everything | via @CloudTweaks | Contests and Games Revolution |
Cloud gaming is gaining considerable momentum for a number of reasons and is positioning itself as the future of how games will be played
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

GaaS despite its funny initials could provide a peek into the future of....well everything. We've already seen a MONSTER TREND toward appification (smaller code updated more frequently) and along comes "cloud gaming".

Benefits of "cloud gaming" include:

* More room on your hard drive (some games can take 14 gigs).
* Games are saved in the cloud so hard drive crash = no worries.

* Better Game Play (thanks to way memory is handled).
* More efficiency will change game development (eventually).

Love this paragraph despite only partially understanding it:

"With recent breakthroughs in hybrid streaming, such as what CiiNOW has done by streaming video and graphics primitives at the same time, it’s much easier to send complex information to mobile devices, tablets and computers at lower bandwidth. Some games are provided through file streaming, a method in which a small percentage of the game is initially installed on a graphics-capable device to allow immediate play.

During play, the remainder of the game continues to download. For movie, TV or less graphic intensive games, video streaming- or video on demand- eliminates the necessity of a game console. Although game consoles or PCs will probably continue to be prevalent, cloud gaming will likely continue to gain popularity as a way to experience new games without having to buy entire game systems."

What I can understand from those points is something we found with Use of cloud services allows for "larger" pages to load faster. The impact on web and game design of building in cloud benefits is hard to over estimate.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

3 MOST Important Words In Internet Marketing? Games, Gamification and Gamify

3 MOST Important Words In Internet Marketing? Games, Gamification and Gamify | Contests and Games Revolution |
How games can organize millions of people to accomplish great things (book ...
PandoDaily (blog)
Von Ahn told me he and his team had to work hard to gamify Duolingo, because at its core it's not a game.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

3 Most Important Words In Internet Marketing: Games, Gamification, Gamify

Why MUST Internet marketers understand games and gaming? Because the wall between THEM (game developers) and US (Internet marketers) is coming down FAST, very fast. There are three reasons for this soon to be tsunami trend:

* Web 3.0.
* How Online Environments Work.
* Human nature.

Web 3.0
We are creating right now and there are many new rules about web development that reflect where we are going already such as:
* The site is highly responsive (looks good no matter what kind of devices is looking at it).

* This new site uses a Content Delivery Network and the cloud to cache and shuffle information in so fast old rules about image size and speed (bigger = slow) almost don't apply.
* The site is "appified" or designed in a series of Lego-like modules some canned, some written by us from scratch.

Web development is going someplace very different and where we are going is where many video developers already live with extensive branding algorithms to determine what gest shown in what situations.  Soon your "website" will be a series of rules, text and images capable of being combined on the fly in an almost infinite variety of highly converting webpages.

Online Environments
Online environments are very video game like from the jump. Online starts COLD and HARSH and we web designers and developers PLAN how to warm them up. We create a series of linked "journeys" through our information.

If "a series of linked journeys" sounds like Joseph Campbell and Hero With A Thousand Faces you win a cookie. Ideally our environments are heroic and they transfer elements of courage, joy and love to our visitors. Sounds like video games again.

Human Nature
We like to compete, compare and contrast. We seek affinity groups and develop our sense of self, at least partially; from the feedback loops provided by our "like me" groups.

The social web is a "peer group" compare, compete and contrast engine. The more we compare, contrast and compete the more fun we have. Sounds like video games again.

I'm going to read Adam's book and report back once I am in reading mode again (after launching CureCancerStarter, cowdfunding cancer research, and, shop to cure cancer, next week. Phase II development for both of those very new ideas is games, gamification and to gamify.


John van den Brink's curator insight, October 4, 2013 3:17 PM

Great scoop by Martin and pay attention to his insight!