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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

7 Workforce Trends Impacting IT & Marketing in 2015 - via CIO

7 Workforce Trends Impacting IT & Marketing in 2015 - via CIO | Contests and Games Revolution |

As businesses look to finalize their workforce management strategies for the coming year, here are the top 7 issues you'll need to consider for 2015.

Marty Note
My favorite trend is the CIO/CMO evolution. Love this paragraph:

The CIO/CMO Relationship Continues to Evolve

Through 2015 and beyond, John Reed, Executive Director for Robert Half Technology, says there will be increased collaboration between business' IT and marketing departments. While this collaboration is already happening, the extent of collaboration will only increase in 2015 as businesses work to stay relevant and competitive, says Reed. And that increased collaboration will result in an increased demand for talent, such as the role of digital information officer, that holds both soft and technical skills and can interface with both departments, he says.

Let's hope this evolution continues along the lines outlined here as the line between Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Information Officers continues to fade.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Strive For Outcomes Not Inputs via Gamification

Strive For Outcomes Not Inputs via Gamification | Contests and Games Revolution |
By: Leroy Mason, Global Chief Technologist, Applications Innovation Services, Hewlett Packard Company Gartner’s article on Hype Cycle for Application Services 2013 is rich with predictions about products, platforms and architectures woven into the...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

That is a great sentence and the core of gamifications many benefits - strive for outcomes not inputs. Logical and simple right? Not so much as it turns out.

We collect and gather things easier than we value them. This post points out how difficult it can be to focus IT development without a gamified construct. I would make the same point for Internet marketing.

The more focused on RESULTS the better we are in the highly relative world of Internet marketing. Relativity teachers that where we are and how we see influences what we see. True for Internet marketing too.

How can any system overcome its own Heisenberg problem - the act of observation changes what is being observed - simple gamify it and the point is if not moot at least rendered harmless.

Games focus competitionon a cherished result. Relativity says what we think is cherished today may be tomorrow's junk. Guess what? If your game systems are flexible and fast enough creeping relativity doesn't matter. You make your money back and then some as you move your camp to the next challenge.

So strive for outcomes not inputs and read my Gamification: Winning Hearts, Minds and Loyalty Online white paper:

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