Projet Pain Perdu


Tina Seelig, through her Creativity Crash Course via Standford Venture Lab challenged our team  to look at BREAD in a new way and create as much "value" as possible.


Our team, Team ThinkingLab was inspired by the current economic situation that has impacted thousands, if not millions, of lives across the globe. Through this project we aim to harness the power of creativity by providing humane and practical solutions in our own little way. Feel free to share it.


I am totally elated to have shared this productive experience with Inês Amaral from Coimbra, Marc Alcover from Barcelona, Victor Antofica from London and Ms. Betsy Bayha from California :-)


Im on a mission to spread creativity. Share your insights, follow me on Twitter @hubertvalentino. I'd love to hear from you.


Via Hubert Cosico