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From official iTunes link:
"Undrip is the best news and aggregation tool that lets you discover the links that your friends are sharing.
Connect Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or No status updates -- just great articles, photos, videos, and websites.
It's a social magazine for curators.

Some Key Features:
- See what your friends are sharing, whether politics, current events, news, funny memes, tumblr gifs, popular videos;
- All the best links curated from your social stream;
- Find the best Videos, Photos, News articles, and Websites ;
- See the most interesting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr stories from your friends All your social media in one place.
- All the "noise" will be eliminated -- pointless status updates, checkins, game invites, etc.;
- Ability to to see the most fresh content or the most popular content in any given day;
- Quickly re-share something you discovered via Undrip to existing social networks like Twitter and Facebook;
- Integration with "Read It Later" services;
- Follow new and interesting curators and tastemakers on Undrip, and see what great content they're sharing;
- Interact with your friends via likes, comments and other actions.

We all have less and less time to consume more and more content.
With Undrip, a user can connect all their social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram,, etc).
The Undrip algorithm will make sure the most relevant content rises to the top. We make sure content discovery and consumption is a gift, not a burden..."

Free to download.

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Via Giuseppe Mauriello