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Video curation: ZEEIK relaunches new and improved version

Zeeik: Zeeik lets you organize online videos into a small package, called a zeeik, to share your thoughts, knowledge, and interests with others across the web.

Therese Torris's insight:

Zeeik announced 9 improvements from the beta version., including collaboration features

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Zeeik: Social Video Curation - Everything PR

Zeeik: Social Video Curation - Everything PR | Content Curation Tools For Brands |

..".You cannot “zeeik” a video directly from YouTube – instead you’ll need to go through a process of adding it to your “zeeik” account. But the beauty of Zeeik is that it allows you to edit a video, keeping only that portion of it that is relevant to the topic you have in mind."


Note: The author is skeptikal about Zeeik's chances in an already crowded market

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