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- Discover the best video from across the web via the sources you choose and trust.
Easily stay up to date on breaking news, new music, disgustingly cute cat videos and the best stuff online by following your friends and favorite sources on #waywire. It’s a way of sifting through all the junk out there and creating your own channels about the things you care about.

- Collect and organize videos into wires you can share.
Video is everywhere these days. Whether it’s on a website or on your phone use #waywire to organize it all in one place. Express yourself and your interests or tell a story by arranging videos and creating wires that others can follow.

- Engage with friends online in a new way.
#waywire is bringing you new ways to share and talk about videos with friends.

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"About" Page:

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"How to Curate a Wire #waywire " [Video]:


Via Robin Good, Giuseppe Mauriello