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From official site:

"Our mission is to connect people through shared experiences.
Stublisher aggregates media shared via Instagram around concerts, games, birthday parties, the zoo (anywhere!) based on geolocation and timestamp, in real-time and post event.

On top of this aggregation, we're fostering one of the most passionate communities on the web, connecting people based on what they've done and where they've been.


Stublisher allows you to experience anything happening around the world, from the perspective of those capturing it. The design you see today allows you to explore and discover in a much more enjoyable fashion than months past.


We’ve also made sharing experiences and individual photos across all of your social media channels easy. To share an event, on the header image you’ll see Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest share buttons. To share a photo, you’ll see the same via the side bar that slides in from the right on rollover..."



From review article by PandoDaily:

"And the storytelling trend rolls on. The latest startup to tackle the way we share stories online is a new Web app called Stublisher.


Stublisher pulls content from our fragmented ecosystem of social networks together, building it into a cohesive story, like this cool-looking one from the Superbowl. The result is a full picture of events like concerts, or ski trips, or festivals. Stublisher officially launches today..."


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