Clipped uses natural language processing to better curate news | Content Marketing & Content Curation Tools For Brands |

The Next Web: .[...] Clipped is seeking to take its place as one of those [news curation] services and has launched its iOS and Android apps to help optimize the way people consume the news on their mobile devices. .[...] As [founder] Tandon tells us:"The technology grammatically analyzes text, and discovers which sentence structures hold the most important information. The algorithm diagrams sentences through a Part of Speech tagger, and can determine which information is dependent on other sections. Through a combination of statistics and keyword analysis, we are then able to rank chunks of information and select which regions of the sentences are most relevant. Clipped then re-reads its summary and makes sure that the selected information contextually makes sense. The algorithm then returns the top information as a bulleted list for the user to read..."

Via Giuseppe Mauriello