This Curation Trend has One Big Problem: Scale [MUST READ] | Content Marketing & Content Curation Tools For Brands |

Therese's summary: A critical, thought-provoking take on content curation following up on the NYC curator's conference. The author claims that curation is currently subpar because it relies too heavily on "smankers" (social media wankers) with inefficient crowdsourced and/or algorithmic support. But the demand for expert human curation is real and generates value -- even if it does not scale.


Interesting quotes:

- "the burgeoning curator population is filled with some grade-A morons hell-bent on giving everyone a bad name" 

- "at the Curator’s Conference earlier this week in New York, the [curation] word got tossed around so much that it became comical."

- "Dismiss the early, annoying adopters of a trend, and you may be dismissing the next massive shift in media creation and consumption. Dismiss the annoying curators, but not the field of curation."

"There is a real flaw in leaving curation to the masses,”

"A business based on human curation will always be smaller by definition than one that scales through algorithms and computers. But that human element makes what they’re building that much more valuable. "