We all know how hard it is to continually produce fresh material on a daily basis. This post gives you good suggestions on how to supplement your content by curating pieces from multiple sources on the topic you write about, to keep your audience coming back for more.

Here's an excerpt: By Heather Rast for Oneforty

Get good content in front of readers in more ways than just a tweet. Use email, user-generated content, and themed blog posts to catch their eyes.

Good content is an essential element to any digital marketing strategy. Content “scent trails” can help generate awareness and give prospects a stronger sense of your organization and its offerings. It keeps them interested.

I’ve written about organizing and managing a team blog for business, and shared some pointers about how to choose the perfect authors to generate juicy content. These two posts will get you started in terms of creating original content. But unless you (or your team) is a lean, mean, content production machine, chances are you need additional material to stay involved and current. You may need to curate content from other sources.