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Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms because it is simple to use, and we get information fast. There are people we can connect with 24/7. Since I’ve been on Twitter for almost 3 years now, I’ve noticed a difference in how the site is being used by the community. I remember back when we only sent links of information.


Conversations back then were minimal, and retweeting was not yet the norm. Twitter has evolved, and it has become a great tool for communicating and learning.


Conversation is so important on Twitter. Did you know that aside from the one-on-one conversation, there is also a bigger conversation you can join if you participate in Twitter chats? What is a Twitter chat? It’s a platform wherein two or more people organize a conversation based on a topic or a theme. A hashtag is used so that people can view the participant’s interactions, questions and answers which are being discussed.


I have joined several Twitter chats in the past, and I have enjoyed it very much. I follow friends who have organized thought-provoking topics relevant to my interests. If you have not participated in a Twitter chat yet, here are 5 reasons why you should try it at least once.