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This piece was written by Gideon Rosenblatt on his blog Alchemy of Change. Many people are still confused about and you can see that everyday if you observe the interactions and how some people are still using it.


"Twitter is not a social network. It's a 'real-time information network' and once you see it that way, its competitive edges look a lot closer to Google than to Facebook"

Here is what Evan Williams Co-Founder of twitter said about Twitter:

"I don't consider Twitter to be a social space—primarily. It's a utility for getting (and sometimes spreading) news, information, and entertainment, more than it is a hangout space like the mall. Some people, of course, use it primarily for socializing, and the line is blurry".

Here's what caught my attention:

**This data is extensive.It’s a paper called “What is Twitter, a Social Network or a News Media?” Download PDF

**They downloaded all the member and usage data then analyzed it

Here are some of the findings:

** Twitter shows a low level of reciprocity

**77.9% of user pairs with any link between them are connected one-way

**only 22.1% have reciprocal relationship between them.

**22.1% have reciprocal relationship between them

Moreover, 67.6% of users are not followed by any of their followings in Twitter.

We conjecture that for these users Twitter is rather a source of information than a social networking site.

"Twitter is a living, breathing example of the power law at work; an information distribution network with a small number of heavies followed by lots of people, and lots of people followed by few, if any.

There are people in between, but that’s not the majority.

**This research strongly suggests that two-thirds of the Twitter base the vast majority of Twitter users – are really just using the service as a human-powered information distribution and filtering service.  

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