This post written by Chase McMichael, Ceo of InfiniGraph has lots of good information on how to select great content to curate to your audience.

Here's an excerpt:

I’m not entirely sure of the validity of that claim but, even if it’s an exaggeration by an order of magnitude, we’re still talking about an insane amount of content being created every single day.

The major challenges are how to sort and filter through all this content to make sense of it. We’re also challenged with how to make the content drive consumers to your call to action while creating authentic engagement.

Enter crowdsourcing. The beauty of using your audience to determine what’s relevant is like a giant super human computer; working on your behalf, selecting and ranking what’s of value while kicking out what’s not. This radical approach eliminates the complexities of keyword monitoring and a large sentiment analysis problem. What’s left is pure gold. A great article by John Cole “10 Reasons Why Automated Social Media Listening Tools Fail” highlights many of these issues.

Your customers know what they like........