Analytics for Content Marketers You Need to Know | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

 Gone are the days where we can just post something just because we think it's of value with no strategy behind it.  Today we have better tools to measure the effectiveness of our content, to see what works with our audience/customers and what doesnt't.


Here's an excerpt: (you might want to read this more than once, lots of good information here).


As marketers, we are becoming increasingly data-focused.


What is “Content Analytics”?


It is the process of structuring previously unstructured content, by extracting new information. If you like, it is simply ‘measuring content’.


This goes beyond transaction and conversion data, to include details of interactions with brand-authored content, as well as user-generated content and sharing of content on social networks.


But the bottom line is that each adds additional descriptors about a piece of content. The extracted information can include topics, people, places, companies and concepts in the content, sentiment towards aspects of the content, and the language of that content.


We are a far way off from perfect natural language processing, which understands content just like a human. But by starting to build metadata around content it becomes more understandable by search engines, content delivery, and analytics systems.


An understanding of content, means it can be measured, and the data-focused marketers amongst us would agree that measurement is the start of creating sustainable improvement.


Andrew Davies, (Co-Founder & Director of Idio, is a guest blogger for Econsultancy) wrote this piece.