Content Curation is on the Verge of its 2nd Wave of Evolution! | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

I was happy to see this article written by Beverly Macy, CEO of Gravity Summit, LLC and author of "The Power of Real Time Social Media", for the Huffington Post.  My very good friend Karan Bavandi is quoted in here and believe me, he really knows his stuff!


Here's what he said:


Karan Bavandi, Founder and CEO of KBucket , is a leading voice in this burgeoning area of content curation. KBucket seeks to be the Internet's first 'User Authored Search Content' site. "Curation is more than filtering the stream, its maintaining a topic," says Karan.


"A curator is someone with domain expertise who follows a topic, selects what's relevant, and then organizes the information in a way that helps us better understand the big picture. A serious curation solution combines organization and search as part of its offering."


Companies like KBucket will help bring the content ecosystem together by logically rating, tagging, and contextualizing the content to help us make sense of it. They'll provide tools to search and curate content and then help marketers mine the social influence that matters.


When that happens, social business might actually produce currency you can bank on. So let's remember that we at the very beginning of a cycle of innovation that will trump anything we've seen in a long time. That's a social bonanza.


It's not just about creation and distribution anymore. We are literally dismantling traditional structures of distribution and at the same time, building new forms of curated information dissemination.