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This piece was written by Kipp Bodnar for Hubspot

I read this post a while ago and I'm guessing you might even have seen this online but I have a question for you -

How many times do you actually process and utilize the information you read about? 

Kipp has some great strategy for blog posts to build traffic, community and sell your product or services.

**These ideas also apply to curating content. You can select articles that address these tips and most importantly, you can add you own context to the mix.

Here are a few suggestions that you might find useful:

**The Data Story - As a business, you are working on selling an idea as well as a product or service to your customers.

Use data to help you. Gather data either internally or from third-party sources.

Use this data to sell your big idea using your business blog.

** The Controversial Stand - Sometimes you have to take a hard stance on an issue to get attention.

In a blog post, argue one side of a controversial industry issue in an effort to get prospects and industry thought leaders talking about your business


4. The Big List - Sometimes readers don't want to read through endless paragraphs for practical advice

 Instead, they want a long list of industry resources that they can bookmark and easily access again and again.

Aggregate practical advice and resources for an important industry topic, and compile it into one long and easy-to-scan list.

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