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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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7 Powerful Ways Stories Connect You with Your Customers

7 Powerful Ways Stories Connect You with Your Customers | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
I was visiting a company the other day and chatting about stories. I mentioned how tough it is for any business to gather their customer stories and the two principles snorted, threw their hands up while rolling their eyes, and said, “That’s for sure! We’ve tried it.” So this blog post is all about how …
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This article was written by Karen Dietz, it is her latest piece in a series for Curatti. Every time I read one of her reviews here on Scoopit or her original articles, I come away with ideas and great takeaways that I can use in my business immediately. Karen is a master at capturing the essence of a great story.

Here are some highlights:

This blog post is all about how to ask for stories – and get them — in authentic ways without sounding manipulative. 

Doing so will enhance your understanding of your customer’s world, you’ll be able to ‘walk a mile in their shoes’, and it will boost your relationships with them.

Karen suggests, we make the stories about our customers, not about our products and services.

Here are a few prompts to get them to tell you about their experience,.

Story Prompts

Whether you are meeting with a customer in person, are on the phone, or are using social media, deliberately use story prompts instead. You will save lots of time and energy, and get better results.

So what are great story prompts that you can use?  These are some of the best story prompts out there that are known to work:

  1. Tell me about …
  2. Tell me about what happened when . . .
  3. Enlighten me about a time when …

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Paula Silva's comment, March 3, 2014 3:21 PM
Will you check this scoop? Thank you so much.
Wanda J. Barreto's curator insight, April 1, 2014 10:22 AM

Cuando el curador de contenido expresa su opinión sobre el contenido y su razonamiento para compartirlo, además de informar, desarrolla confianza y credibilidad.  El punto de vista también es una oportunidad de establecer contacto con el lector, de contar su propia historia, demostrar autenticidad y trasparencia. Algunas veces, si el contenido es muy técnico, el lector necesita información adicional o quizás algunos ejemplos adicionales para comprenderlo.


En este artículo, +Karen Dietz recomienda incluir un about post antes del contenido, para explicar la historia sobre el material que se comparte.  Además, provee instrucciones sobre cómo hacerlo y buenos ejemplos que podemos imitar.  Yo también lo estoy practicando.

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People Don't Buy WHAT You Do, They Buy WHY YOU DO IT [Video]

"The goal is to do business with people who believe in what you believe, NOT in what you do."


TEDx Puget Sound speaker - Simon Sinek - Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action About TEDx, x=independently organize event In the spirit of ideas w...


This is a 2-year old video with fabulous 'evergreen' insights for us all. I love the model Simon Sinek shares with us, explaining how we normally think/talk. He then goes on to invert the model to show us why great leaders are able to create amazing change.


Start 2012 with a bang.

Watch the video and use this model to really make the difference you want to in the coming year.


*(Thanks to Karen Dietz for uncovering and promoting this great video. It is truly inspirational.)

Via Karen Dietz, Robin Good