Mitch Joel from Six Pixels of Separation has written this interesting article about sponsored tweets & blogs posts.


"Simply put: because it's working. As usual, eMarketer comes out with some new data that will - more than likely - rattle some cages (mine included!). From the news item, How Valuable Are Social Media Sponsorships?"


Here's what caught my attention:


What's easier: to start a Blog and build an audience or to buy your way into an existing/popular one?


That's not a trick question. It's obviously easier to "pay to play" and (sadly), Marketers have a reputation for doing whatever is faster, easier and cheaper (which could mean both money and time). While the eMarketer news item nets out with this thought: "Social media sponsorship can be a controversial practice, particularly if bloggers and other publishers do not disclose when they some type of compensation for a product or brand mention.


But as marketers continue to measure success and see the value in these mentions, doing social media sponsorships the correct way will become a more accepted practice,


"there's a bigger thought that I would urge Marketers to think about: don't make this type of marketing act like that type of marketing". (Good point)