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This post is by Jason Falls on his blog Social Media Explorer

Socmetrics, a one-year-old company out of Boston, is similar to mBlast in that it looks at influencers through a topical filter.

While Tom Webster, founder, may very well be influential in the worlds of social media marketing and market research, and mining his conversations and those around him shows that if you’re looking for it.

Tools like Klout, which look at influence in more of a reach-based formula, don’t make topical distinctions very well. **Socmetrics does .

Here's what caught my attention:

"I like the fact the search returned not just news media and bank brands, but also bloggers and other influencers that talked about the topic.

**It also didn’t just give me a list of those with the top number of Twitter followers and call it a day.

**Socmetrics takes into account multiple channels and reach including YouTube, Twitter, blog readership and the like."

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