Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Content and the Ripple Effect of Shiny-Object Syndrome

Content and the Ripple Effect of Shiny-Object Syndrome | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This piece was written by Ardath Albee, I selected it because I thought her insights were very helpful for anyone who is using content marketing to reach their customers. Her suggestions are good for original and curated content.

To paraphrase:

Everything has changed, B2B executives need to change their mindset to fit the realities of the "always connected consumer" They are bombarded with too much information. It's important to shift your thinking and change the way you relate to them. The old way won't work.


"Selling content marketing to B2B executives is hard. At least harder than it should be. But what strikes me as odd is their willingness to requestion their decision after they've finally been convinced".

Here are some highlights:

**Content marketing is not a campaign  With no stop date, it violates the nature of traditionalist marketers to be able to box in a final result and say "it worked"

or "it could have been better." At least not quickly

**content marketing isn't three touches and a sales pitch, your department may not be shuffling as many leads to sales.

**If the change we make isn't driven by what our buyers want, it's driven by what we want. What we want isn't going to convince buyers to buy. Especially over the longer-term, complex buying process.

**Here is two things to do to combat Shiny Object Syndrome:

First - determine ways to measure your incremental wins with content marketing that tie to business KPIs. That's one thing that marketing automation technology and analytics can help you with.

It's also something that salespeople can help you with. When's the last time you spoke with them about the leads you sent over?

Here are more insights from Matt Johnson who  has more to say about KPI's

"Only by compartmentalizing our distinct lives as brand stewards, lead generators and media mavens, can we help educate others (CEOs, peers, our teams, ourselves), who may think of “marketing” as a monolithic and mysterious blob......

Second - put some fun into your content marketing!

**Take a look at your personas and figure out a new way to approach them. Put a new spin on a topic you've grown bored with

**Use a new format. Do it to engage yourself as much as you do it to engage your buyers.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Marketing, Social Media and Beyond"

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Scooped by janlgordon!

Report: The Rise of Digital Influence and Why You Should Care

Report: The Rise of Digital Influence and Why You Should Care | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This piece and report was done by Brian Solis .  Brian has done an outstanding job of helping us to understand the rocky road of social media/business and this is no exception. Happy anniversary Brian! It's unbelievable it's already a year that you've been Principal Analyst of Altimeter Group, great job.

Those of us who are involved with social networks are already aware of Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and many others that are yet to come down the pike. Some people don't pay attention, others wish these services would be more transparent about how they measure our standing in the social community. No matter where you stand on this issue, it's not going away but becoming more important than ever. In this piece, Brian gives us some valuable insights and takeaways (slideshare) that is very important for your business now and in the future.

Here's what caught my attention:

Whether we know it or not, our social activity now contributes to our stature within each network.

**New services such as Klout, PeerIndex among many others not only measure who you know, what you say, and what you do, they attempt to score or rank your ability to influence those to whom you’re connected.

**As a result, social network users are now starting to rethink how they connect and communicate to improve their stature within each network. 

**At the same time, brands are starting to take notice of those services also help organizations identify individuals who are both connected and relevant to help expand reach into new media and markets.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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