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I selected this article by Matthew Knell for Socialfresh because it relates to the other pieces I've  posted regarding information overload and being able to filter out what's important through all the distraction. 

Let's face it, we have too many choices, whether it's content, social networks, and the like. It's like going to a particular restaurant that has a certain cuisine, you have a menu, you select what appeals to you.  With niche sites it puts you in charge not the other way around, you're curating your experience.

Here are some things that caught my attention:

**one constant through the many evolutions of Internet platforms is the fickleness of human beings.

**Especially when asked to make quick decisions.

**Successful products have been driven by the combination of:

**The “right” feature set

**Clarity in purpose

**most importantly, the vibrant nature of communities and how accessible they are to the user.

**They’re running into too many choices of types and places to share their content.

**Increasingly, they’re also running into one parameter that’s impossible to change – the number of hours in the day.

**It's no wonder Pinterest leads the way in niche sites......You can pick and choose what you want to look at, it's better than bookmarking and it's visual for starters.

The author talks about Facebook and Shopping Malls, trying to be too many things to too many people.

How this relates to curation and information overload:

In a quantity vs quality comparison, on a per piece of content basis, quantity almost never wins no matter  what you're comparing it to.

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