Curating content to a specific audience is one of the variables that are turning social networking into curated communities, which is evolving everyday.

Why are Curated Membership Communities so important?

I believe that curated membership communities are going to be one of the most significant drivers of social and economic value creation in the coming decades, and that they should be treated not as a disparate set of market segments, but as a coherent unit that can be better served by entrepeneurs. Why?

Group relationships…: Our conception of social networks is organized almost entirely around one-to-one relationships. The reality is that people have many “group relationships” as well. In these contexts, people often share needs and resources with other members of their curated communities in spite of not having a personal relationship with them. The group becomes a proxy for the trust that comes with a direct one-to-one relationship.
…lead to wider social capital exchange: Because of this, these communities become one of the most important ways that social capital is distributed. The fact that most members don’t work directly with the others means that there is a wider array of needs, and consequently, a wider array of opportunities for individuals to meet the needs of their peers.