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This piece was written by Jean M. Gianfagna for LifeHealthPro

We've all read many articles on content curation. We may even have seen this list of how to curate content several times before. I wanted to highlight a few things that I think are really important when you're curating content.


By being a great content curator, you help customers, prospects and colleagues find the “good stuff” online and know what to read. This not only makes you an informative and influential social-media contributor, but it also helps attract new followers.

Here's what caught my attention:

****Look for patterns that could indicate potential trends.

****Follow top researchers and share findings that could indicate a shift in your industry or your market.

****Add your point of view so people know why you’ve selected content to share. Include comments such as “A great demonstration of…,” “Helpful tips about…,” “Important news…,” “A can’t-miss conference,” etc.

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