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This piece was written by Jeff Bullas, I selected my own image from Thomas Hawk's collection because it's gorgeous and when I posted this on Pinterest many people were drawn to it, repinned it and several of them started following me there, here, and everywhere, it works! It has happened to me over and over again.

I'm retweeting my friend, Robert Caruso but thought I'd put my own spin on it. Jeff Bullas is talking about something that is on the minds of many due to the overwhelming success of Pinterest, Facebook's purchase of Instagram a few days ago and more events to follow in the future because images are hot! as Jeff says:

"It's a well-known fact that people are visual.

**They like things that attract their eyes. Color, images, movement, all these things bring them in and make them stay and brings them back".

Here are some highlights and things we should all be doing to keep our audiences coming back

Drive Traffic from Pinterest

**Everyone can see everything on Pinterest, which makes it ripe for the picking. All you need is one great image and people will come flocking, click on the link and end up on your website -

Generates Likes and Comments

**Facebook likes and comments are great. They get attention, they add to each other and they get the word out.

Promotes Shares

**They take comments and likes and get your name out there in a way t]hat says 'valid'

Gets Attention

**To simplify, pictures get attention and keep it. It takes only a split second to look at an image, versus a few to read a summary or small paragraph

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