Curation, Social Business and Beyond
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Curation, Social Business and Beyond
Covering the ongoing evolution of curation & beyond; the impact & innovation
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8 Tips to Get Your Brand on the Social Curation Boom and Beyond

8 Tips to Get Your Brand on the Social Curation Boom and Beyond | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This post was written by Melonie Gallegos for iMediaconnection

In this piece, there are 8 tips to help marketers get in on the social curation boom in a meaningful way - that means Pinterest and beyond!

Here's an excerpt:

"Curation is a long-standing tradition of collecting, saving & organizing objects. Today it takes on a different meaning. Organizataions have evolved from collecting artifacts to digital curation of media and content"

When human behavior shifts and it certainly has, (more about that in the article), brands are quick to follow suit.

Here are some highlights:

There are a lot of websites offfering curation-type services

To get a clear sense of how a brand might leverage curation in this article, they have broken them down into categories.

**social bookmarking and news


**Aggregation and syndication networks

**There are 8 ways your brand can get in on the action

Here are a few that caught my attention:

Become a curator creator

**Create your own Pinterest board and it's more than just slapping images, it takes thought, strategy, being part of the community and continually showing up

**appreciating other people's content and having two-way conversations

Create an Interest-based content strategy

**Focus on the interests of your audience, not your products and services!

**Allign their real-life interests with your brand position

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Pinterest Watch"

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36% Trust Brands More When They Have A Social Presence #Infographic

36% Trust Brands More When They Have A Social Presence #Infographic | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

By Pivot Conference - 



Does a brand’s social presence impact your purchase?

An Infographic published by Mr. Youth  - , a word of mouth marketing firm, polled 4500 adults to uncover the impact of social media on purchases.


They discovered that social media not only influences brand reputation and PR, but often can lead directly to a sale.

Over 90% of respondents either received or made recommendations to friends and families on Facebook. 65% of these social recommendations directly led to a purchase.

On top of that, 80% of those who received a response to a social media post by a brand made a purchase as a result of that interaction.


With numbers as striking you’d think businesses would be quick to comprehend. Yet according to the study, brands only respond to half of their social media posts, divided almost equally between Facebook and Twitter. 

Download here 

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