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The New, New Twitter - A Faster Way To Stay Close to Everything You Care About

This piece is by Brian Solis, who shows us all the new features on Twitter with screenshots showing us how all the changes will be beneficial for our business

Here's what caught my attention:

#Discover: This is great for content curators

**As Twitter so appropriately states, the Discover tab is where simplicity meets serendipity. I love that…it’s very true and also it is serendipity that makes the egosystem so personal, exciting and valuable at once.

In the egosystem, everything literally revolves around you.

**Your experience on Twitter is defined by who you follow, who they follow, trends based on relationships, and the interactions you have as a result.

**These interactions are unique to you and that is true for each of us.

**What you see is not what I see and that keeps things exciting.

**The new Twitter framework ensures that discovery and also serendipity remains personal.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"

Read full article and Twitter screenshots here: []

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Scooped by janlgordon!

10 Stories Showing The Amazing Power Of Twitter

10 Stories Showing The Amazing Power Of Twitter | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
I can personally say that Twitter has been a very positive experience for me. I've met interesting people and made great relationships all over the world. I've had access to information and stories that I never would have known about. It keeps me abreast of what's going on moment to moment. I could go on and on because it's one of my favorite topics. Perhaps I should create a topic here that's just about twitter.

Here's an excerpt: By Joel Gascoigne and Leo Wid from Buffer

Fortunately, the things happening on Twitter are no longer stories about what you have had for lunch or dinner.

A tweet can now have long reaching impact. The topics and areas of interest are nearly endless. Here are 10 stories, some positive some negative, caused by Tweets, that I have learned greatly from in the past:

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