The Guardian Crowdsourcing Newslists Their Readers Help Make News | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |

This post was written by Dan Roberts, National News Director for The Guardian UK

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This is a large up step in use of crowdsourcing for a major news organization and will surely be followed by others if it works.


The newsdesk at the Guardian is planning an experiment in opening its doors.

**The idea is to publish a carefully-selected portion of the national, international and business newslists on a daily blog, which will launch on Monday morning, and encourage people to get in touch with reporters and editors via Twitter if they have ideas.

Obviously, we're not planning to list all our exclusives or embargoed content and we'll also have to be careful not to say anything legally sensitive or unsubstantiated.

**Nonetheless, we think there are lots of routine things that we list every day which might provoke interesting responses from readers: everything from upcoming press conferences, to stories we need help uncovering.