Very exciting!




If you were around in 1981 when MTV first launched, you probably understand what’s so exciting about a product that focuses entirely on delivering music through video all day, every day.


“MTV introduced the music television format,” described co-founder and CEO Katherine de León, “and it’s not a mistake that we talk about Cull as ‘new music television.’ We have all the benefits that early MTV did not. We have technology and we have access to the best curators in the world, who are also the consumers, the viewers, the audience.”


“We really think of Cull as a curation engine: early MTV fused with Pandora-style recommendations plus curation tools so users can create their own channels.” On Cull, any user can create their own channel by searching for videos and adding them to a playlist. Or, if you’d rather just sit and watch, you can choose from any number of curated channels, like “Paradise” for disco lovers or “FatKidOnFire” for the dubstep generation.


Cull is the first startup to publicly announce having received funding from Tenacity Worx, a seed incubator founded by Allan Teruel and Renelito Delos Santos after the two were rejected by Y Combinator.