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Denise Wakeman is the Founder of Blog Squad and a very wonderful online visability expert. She consistently contributes to the world of social media by bringing quality content, information and insights.


Here's an intro - Denise interviewed Jack Humphrey, who as you'll see has an extensive background in social media marketing and then some.  They are chatting about content marketing with an specific emphasis on content curation. He has some very interesting things to say.


Intro -


''My guest today is Jack Humphrey. You may know Jack by way of his popular blog and weekly podcast, “The Friday Traffic Report.” That’s how I was introduced to Jack. He is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and experienced online marketing experts today.


In 2002, Jack wrote a ground breaking ebook called "Power Linking." Downloaded by tens of thousands of website owners, SEOs, and still heralded as one of the most important guides to link building and SEO strategy.


He went on to consulting, professional speaking, membership sites, blogging and social media marketing, and podcasting dominating his competition in every niche he has touched.


Jack has appeared on countless interviews with marketing professionals and consultants, online and offline, major market radio shows and has closely marketed with some of the most recognizable names in the industry.


Jack has a lot to share with us today. We’re going to focus our attention on content curation as it directly relates to online marketing, traffic, and link building, and of course, blogging. It’s my pleasure today to bring you some of Jack’s insights about this hot new trend.'