The Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life | Curation, Social Business and Beyond |
You might ask yourself why I posted this in Content curation, social media and beyond. My answer would simply be that I have to remember to take a breath when I'm working and this seemed an appropiate, timely piece that I should add to the mix.

I selected this and here it stays for everyone to take a breath, stop and reflect just for a moment. I don't have too much to say except that one thing stands out for me,

"We don’t measure life in hours and minutes We measure life in memories and moments".

Take a break and let Liz Strauss take you on a little journey about your life, something we can all relate to.

Here's an intro:

Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours Life -- it's what we do between the time we get here and when we go. We only get one, and despite what other folks might suppose, it's ours to determine what to do with it.